Geraldton boy who severed artery in bike accident saved by off-duty nurse


Emma Te Rangi said a nurse happened to be jogging past and used a cardigan to stem the blood loss before 10-year-old Tureti was picked up by an ambulance and transferred by air to the Perth Children’s Hospital.

Tureti lost control of his sister’s bicycle after riding down a hill in the northern Geraldton suburb of Sunset Beach on Monday afternoon.

Ms Te Rangi said an off-duty police officer called an ambulance and fetched his first aid kit before she arrived at the scene.

She said the injury was very small.

“We saw this tiny little hole at the top of his right thigh just spouting like it was literally like a fountain. All this blood,” Ms Te Rangi said.

She said the nurse, Jasmine, came along very soon after and used a friend’s cardigan to make a tourniquet.

“He was already in a big pool of blood,” Ms Te Rangi said.

“She yelled out ‘just throw me your cardigan’.

“My girlfriend had a cardigan with her and she just threw it to her and one of the guys tied it around his leg and the bleeding stopped immediately.

“She pretty much took control of the whole situation and knew exactly what to do.

“I know for certain that she saved his life.”

Ms Te Rangi said Jasmine even travelled with Tureti in the ambulance to Geraldton Regional Hospital.

He is now in a stable condition in Perth Children’s Hospital.

“From the bottom of our hearts we cannot thank you enough,” Ms Te Rangi said.

“We are so grateful she was there [and] so grateful the policeman was there with his first aid kit.

“The flying doctor, everyone, was amazing.”