Young Mackay hero alerts elderly neighbours of fire threat, says he learnt what to do from the movies


A young North Queensland man says he is considering a career change after helping an elderly couple from their home when a vehicle next to their property caught alight.

Brenden Fischer, 20, ran down his street in the Mackay suburb of Mount Pleasant in the early hours of this morning after hearing a number of explosions.

He discovered a van engulfed in flames in the front yard of one of the properties in the street.

Mr Fischer said he was concerned about a couple, aged in their 80s, who live in the home adjacent to the blaze as the flames were spreading to the surrounding lawn and their boundary fence.

“I instantly started banging on the door to make sure they were awake so I could get them out to safety,” he said.

“They didn’t believe me at first, but when they saw the fire they instantly put on some shoes and came down to safety on the road.”

Mr Fischer said after making sure the couple were no longer at risk he used their garden hose to wet down their lawn to prevent the fire spreading to their home.

“I just did what I remembered seeing in movies,” he said.

Mr Fischer says the incident has changed his life and he is now considering applying to join the fire service.

“I feel pretty motivated that I’ve done something that has saved lives, but also changed my life,” he said.

The Queensland Police Service said a person was arrested after allegedly being seen throwing a substance on the vehicle prior to the fire starting, but no charges have been laid.